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Where talk is cheap...and reviews are plenty

fandom reviews
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BLABAPALOOZA is the brainchild of jenah and soulswallo. We talk and theorize. We delve deep into the why's/how's/huh's of fandom. We get kicks out of sharing our oh-so-important thoughts with others. And? We want to make the world a better place!

So we created this little spot on the web and you're one of the lucky few that stumbled upon this community. Don't you feel better for having been here?

On a more serious note:
We aren't total idiots [most of the time] and just maybe we'll save you some valued coin based upon some of our reviews. Check out our TAGS and see if we've reviewed something you're interested in!

After checking out those awesome reviews, stop by our BLABAPALOOZA STORE where you can find all the movies we discuss in depth!

  • Reviews must be written about something you've seen recently - i.e. within the last month.
  • In order to keep duplicate reviews to a minimum, please don't review something that has been reviewed in the past 3 months.
  • If reviewing a current tv show - please review the show in general and do not get episode specific. This is in an effort to prevent spoiling others.

    If you read our reviews, you'll see we follow a very specific format. We use tags and lj cuts to keep it all clean. See Example
  • Be sure to put the Category and Title in the Subject Line [use example above]
  • Be sure to tag your review according to the Category [use example above]
  • When writing your review use an LJ- Cut with the title, and the below format:
    Title of Movie/Show
    Bottom Line: [see the 4 options below]

    My Thoughts:

    - We rate on a scale from 1 - 10
  • Score 8.5-10: Share with the world in the pursuit of world peace!
  • Score 6-8: Try it - you'll like it!
  • Score 3.5-5.5: Okay for prison inmates but not for folks we like.
  • Score 1-3: Wouldn't wish this on the ex.

    Thanks for being here and enjoy!
    Jenah & Kelly

    PS - If you're interested in becoming a member, drop me a line at my journal (soulswallo) or comment on our most recent MOD POST.